Family photo taken July 2018

I am a mom of three with a background in mechanical engineering, and I consider it a privilege to introduce even the youngest minds to the wonderful world of physics. I combine my experience as a mom with my love of science to produce books that your children will love and that you will be excited to read over and over again. Bright, colorful illustrations by A. Shiosaky and rhyming text will catch your children’s interest and help them learn.

It all started when my own kiddos began asking me questions about the world around them. I was excited and determined to figure out ways to explain questions like “Where do rainbows come from?” and “Why do flowers need sunlight?”. When they noticed my enthusiasm about each topic, they became excited as well – and also proud of themselves once they understood the answer.

With my husband’s encouragement, I began to write down some ideas and brainstorm. And the rest is history.

When I’m not writing and doing science experiments with my kids, I enjoy crafting, home projects, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering at our church.